Life & Annuity Services Ltd. (L&A) was incorporated in 1998 to distribute offshore life and annuity products to High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals (clients). Headquartered in Bermuda and with operations in Cayman, L&A represents several highly recognized insurance companies as well as niche firms that offer highly specialized products.


L&A partners with client advisory firms (intermediaries) who are looking to provide insurance solutions for their clients. Many of these firms do not want, or cannot get, direct access to the insurance companies that provide these products. L&A has direct agreements with these companies which allow us to distribute these products through our intermediary network.


L&A provides our intermediaries with access to the products and assistance in applying for those products. This includes detailed product information/training and the application guidelines and paperwork required to apply for those products while ensuring that the products are applied for in accordance with the rules set forth by the issuing company.


The intermediary has the relationship with the client and/or their advisors and will work with them to gather the necessary information and documentation to apply for the products. L&A will provide assistance and oversight as it relates to marketing, solicitation, application, underwriting and issue of the products as well as providing after sale service to the intermediary and client.


By having access to multiple offshore insurance companies, L&A can offer a wide range of products that may have more favorable pricing and features that are not available in a client’s own country of residence. As a significant percentage of these companies are domiciled in Bermuda, and the fact that L&A work on an almost 24-hour workday, L&A feels that it has a unique advantage in assisting intermediaries, wherever they may be in the world, in providing quality offshore solutions to their clients.


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